Cheryl Riley, President, AT&T Northern Plains States

Cheryl Riley is a Wyoming native and a graduate of the University of Wyoming. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in International Studies. 

Following graduation, Cheryl moved to Central California where she went to work as a Field Representative for the California State Senate and served two members of the Senate for five years.  In 1997, Cheryl joined SBC Communications as an External Affairs Manager. She represented the company’s political and business interests in Central California, to Members of Congress, Members of the State Legislature, and several local government jurisdictions.

Cheryl and her husband Craig moved to Helena Montana in 2005 where they developed an 85 lot residential subdivision. Following that project, they moved  to Cheyenne, Wyoming and Cheryl became the Executive Director of the Wyoming Power Producers Coalition, a trade association representing independent power producers, primarily wind energy companies, doing business in Wyoming. In that position, Cheryl managed and directed WPPC regulatory, legislative and community outreach nationally and locally.

Cheryl, who has 14 years of service with AT&T, leads External and Legislative Affairs for the Northern Plains States; a region that includes South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Cheryl and her family reside in Brandon, South Dakota.