Heidi Stephens Metz

Heidi is a subject matter expert in blockchain and FinTech in Emerging Markets and speaks on webinars, panels, and in the occasional university class. She has two lifelong passions:

  1. Addressing global issues to result in true, lasting change
  2. Technology – the cutting edge nerdy stuff that has the capacity to affect social change

Her drive to make a difference began formulating as a young child, born in Switzerland and growing up in various developing countries with her family, as she is the daughter of the co-founders of Mercy Ships.  She lived 10 years onboard the M/V Anastasis—the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship that has operated in developing nations since 1978, impacting 2 million direct beneficiaries.

Heidi’s 18+ years of international business in cutting-edge technology for Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, Lloyds of London, CBSI, Williams Sonoma, Gap, Home Depot, Siebel, Lucent Technologies, and others), explain her delight and skill in tackling complex issues and transforming them through technology solutions. Her upbringing of living in more than 65 countries explains her global worldview and passion to address poverty and lead positive change. It also explains why she has focused some of her skills on work with non-profits (the Smithsonian, TakingItGlobal, Mercy Ships, and others).

Some notable achievements in her corporate experience include designed & delivered Public Private Partnerships in 33 countries to create government stimulus with $6B ROI in the first year. Managed a budget of £120M ($240M) & staff of 120. During the deregulation of California’s energy industry, Heidi determined the calculations required to separate and track standard and green sources of energy, oversaw the team ensuring compliance, and met with both PG&E execs, California lawmakers and regulators on a weekly basis to report on the company’s progress and billing. Managed the transition for Lloyds of London to move from traditional ledger accounting of their 300 independent insurance providers, to trading through an online, global, portal. Originated approach of all product components (naming, logo, creative, content, pricing, partners, PR, & communications) for industry launch of new global technology product. And, Chief Operations Officer for an online payment system. 

Some notable achievements in her non-profit experience include a worldwide series of strategic workshops she developed and delivered to country governments regarding their national roadmaps, resulting in $33.6M in sales. Launched a Smithsonian and Microsoft partnership in 49 countries to provide education content, resulting in 10 million impressions and adoption of new technologies. Retained by Mercy Ships Board to raise funding, hire and train a global Development Department, and create loyalty program for high-net-worth donors. Resulted in $5.7M donations the first year. 

IMANI, which marries her two passions, is a blockchain-based mobile wallet and payment system targeting the unbanked in Africa.

In addition to founding IMANI, and aside from creating business plans and fundraising for other entrepreneurs while as a consultant, Heidi has launched two other start-ups, one of which sold, one of which failed. 

Heidi is fluent in English, French, conversant in Spanish, and a beginner in Mandarin and Russian.