Robert Dunnigan

Robert Dunnigan has a long-standing fascination with data and decision making, including the pitfalls that can occur through logical fallacies and statistical flukes. This led him to coauthor Big Data Analytics: A Practical Guide for Managers, published by CRC Press in 2015. Inspiration for the book came from the parallels between misunderstandings in the nature of data analytics and the replicability crisis that was uncovered in the sciences, in which even noted published results could not be replicated by other researchers.

Robert’s interest in data took shape as a psychology student at North Dakota State University in Fargo, a program with a heavy emphasis on measurement and quantitative analysis. After serving in the Peace Corps in Honduras, he earned his MBA from INSEAD in 2005. During these studies, Robert was particularly interested in how the presentation of information drives management decision making. These interests eventually led him to Six Sigma and its focus on analytical structures and statistical methods to inform process improvement. He currently works with tax software for a global accounting firm and has extensively studied digital tax, an emerging data-intensive approach to increasing tax collection efficiency in countries throughout the world.

Robert currently lives in Texas with his family. His hobbies are traveling, reading, riding bike with his family, and enjoying live music with his son. Despite having lived around the world and across the US, he retains a strong attachment to his native state of North Dakota.